Lincoln Landscaping, LLC


Stone is a beautiful way to anchor an outdoor space. Lincoln Landscaping uses all different medium to install beautiful outdoor creations.


Lincoln Landscaping installs plant material using the practices recognized as the most sustainable in the industry.


Lincoln Landscaping will manage your entire outdoor project from the ground up.  We have experience with local contractors and can supervise the completion of the project successfully every time.


Lincoln Landscaping boasts two proficient landscape designers. 

Rick Fullerton, our principle landscape designer who attended The Landscape Institute of Harvard University and The Arnold Arboretum for Landscape Design, and David Lincoln.  A drive through Aquidneck Island will unearth more than a few of the landscapes  they have designed and installed scattered about.

Trust Experience

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 "Dave Lincoln and his team have provided excellent service and quality landscaping since we hired them for a major renovation of our landscape.  We are pleased with their attention to detail and prompt response whenever needed!" -Pierre and Kathy Irving, Customers since 2006


Lincoln Landscaping will remove trees, prune trees, and shape trees. 


Lincoln Landscaping is dedicated to helping our customers improve the environment whenever possible.  For those who are interested in organic programs for fertilization and pest control.


Lincoln Landscaping provides some of the best landscape maintenance that can be found.  From cutting lawns to trimming hedges we are capable, talented, and neat.  Our gardens are weeded, deadheaded, and well kept thanks to our attentive crews and dedicated people.